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An iPhone usually, displays less memory. Hence, you would not be able to store your songs on your iPhone. If you try to overload your iPhone, it will be stuck up affecting the performance of the phone in general. Hence, it becomes important for you to transfer the music from your iPhone to your Mac. This is an easy process. We shall go through the same now.
Apparatus needed:
• You will be having an iPhone, iPod, or an iPad.
• Naturally, you should have a Mac as well with the iTunes installed in it.
• A USB cable to connect the phone with the Mac is important.
• You should have iPhone Transfer.
In case you do not haveiPhone Transfer, you can download the same from the internet.
A simple Overview of the process to export mi:
We shall see the process of transferring music to your Mac in brief.
• The first step is to connect the device and open iPhone Transfer.
• On the Device Overview screen, you have to click on the Music button.
• On loading of the media, you have to do any one of the following.
 Choose the option, ‘Selected Tracks’. Select your tracks and use the ‘Transfer from Device’ menu.
 Use the ‘Drag and Drop’ option. After selecting the tracks, you can easily drag and drop them onto your computer.
 You can also use the ‘Auto Transfer’ option. Using this option, you can automatically transfer all the items to your computer.

How to Export Music from iPhone to Mac

• You have to connect your iPhone to your Mac using the USB cable. The system will prompt you to synchronize your device. You should click ‘No’. You should avoid synchronizing your device to iTunes before the transfer of the music files. The reason is that if you do not do so, you may lose some data permanently from the device.
• On successful connection with the device, the iPhone Transfer will open the ‘Device Overview’ screen. You have the navigation panel on the left side. In case you wish to return to the home screen, you can do so easily. You have to click the ‘Music’ button for starting the transfer. You would also be able to access the Media Library from this screen.
• On loading the media library, you have to locate and select the songs you want to transfer to your Mac. You can do so from the navigational panels. The iPhone Transfer will automatically detect whether the song is present in iTunes. The ‘plus’ sign indicates that the song is not there in iTunes. You can also select multiple songs by using the ‘Command’ key.
• Now comes the actual part of transferring the songs to your Mac. Click the ‘Transfer’ button. You will have access to several options. You can choose, ‘Selected to iTunes’. This will start the transfer of the songs from your iPhone to your Mac.

Export music from iPhone to Mac
You can see that this is a very easy way of transferring songs and music from your iPhone to your Mac. Your Mac has tremendous storage. You can now plug onto your earphones and start listening to the songs at leisure.

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