Summary: Contacts are important to all iPhone users. This article will share you some ways to backup iPhone contacts to computer (Mac and Windows) with the help of iPhone Transfer.

Messages are important to any person. In the same way, contacts are also very important. People today do not have much memory power. In the olden days, people used to remember phone numbers and names. Today, with the advent of the mobile phones, people tend to save the phone numbers in their contact list. People have virtually lost the ability to remember names and phone numbers. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to have a backup of the contact list on your PC, iTunes, or on the cloud. We shall see the individual process.

How to Backup iPhone Contacts

1. Backup iPhone contacts to the PC using FileRescure iPhone transfer:

• The first step is to download and install FileRescure iPhone transfer on your computer. You should ensure that you have iTunes installed on your PC.
• The second step involves connecting your iPhone to your PC. Now launch the FileRescure iPhone transfer.
• The third step is to backup the iPhone contacts to the PC. You have click on ‘Information’ where you will have to choose ‘Contacts’. You will come across four options.
 New: Create new contacts to your iOS device
 Delete: Remove any unwanted contact
 Backup: Transfer contacts from iPhone to PC
 Recover: Overwrite all existing iPhone contacts.] backup iPhone contacts

2. Backup iPhone contacts using iTunes:

• The first step is to download and install iTunes.
• Now you have to connect the iPhone to your PC and launch the iTunes.
• On the left side, you will come across ‘iPhone’. Select it and click on the ‘Info’ tab.
• Now ensure to check ‘Sync contacts’.
You should note that in case you have turned Cloud backup on, this feature would not work. You have to turn off ‘Cloud backup’ first.
• Right click on the name of the iPhone and select ‘Back up’.
Your back up is over.

3. Transfer iPhone contacts using iCloud

This is a very common method of backup today. The advantage of using this method is that you can access the same across multiple devices under the same Apple ID. It is essential to have the iOS 5 operating system. We shall now see the process.

• You have to access iCloud service thru the ‘Settings’ menu on your iPhone and tap ‘iCloud’.
• You have to verify the setting up of the iCloud account and ensure that you turn on the ‘Contacts’.
• You have to scroll down and select ‘Storage and Backup’ option from the interface.
• The next step is to set ‘iCloud Backup’ toggle to ‘On’. Now you have to select the ‘Back up now’ option.
• You should note to have a Wi-Fi connection. You will be able to back up whenever you connect your iPhone to the internet. You have to choose ‘Back up now’ from ‘Settings’ by navigating through ‘iCloud’.
You have now seen the three methods of back up from iPhone to the PC. Each of these methods is important. However, today people use the cloud backup more than the other methods.

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