We are all acquainted with how easily you can sync in data and music from your computer to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. But the problem arises when you have to copy music back from your iPad to computer. iTunes does not allow the copying of any content in this way. iTunes works by a well crafted framework and it is difficult to go against this mode of working unlike Android devices.

Transfer Purchases Feature

This is a purchase redownload mechanism provided by iTunes which is the only legal method by which you can copy content from iPad to a computer which is authorized with the transaction by using the same Apple ID.

The iTunes app on the target computer should be authorized with the same Apple ID as that on the apple device which has purchased the content. This option can be accessed by directly connecting the device to the system and then clicking the “Transfer Purchase” button on the iTunes menu bar. And there is the restriction that content purchased can only be copied. Any music or files that are copied or stored from other sources can’t be transferred by this method. These measures by Apple has been devised to cut down content piracy.

iTunes Match

This is another allowed method by Apple by which the user will have to register with iTunes Match at a minimal cost of US$24.99 per year. There are still restrictions on the requirement of version 10.5.1 of iTunes and the iPad should be on iOS version 5.0.1 or higher. This makes use of the iCloud storage capacity whereby the system analyzes the iPad to check if the same songs are available on iTunes and the matching ones are stored in iCloud. This can then be accessed from any device which is connected to iCloud. iCloud can store up to 25,000 songs and those that are played are saved to device. This allows you to have quick access to a wide array of songs without utilizing your device storage space.

Issues with Apple Approved Transfer Mechanisms

Even though you can transfer music from iPod to computer using the iTunes Transfer Purchase Feature or iTunes Match, this applies only for music purchased via iTunes.This can then be downloaded from iCloud as required. This kind of transfer mechanism can also lead to deletion of all the files saved in the iPod which has been copied from other modes.

Problems with Apple Policy of Transferring from iPod to Computer

  • Keeping with Apple rules and policies, it is impossible to transfer legally from Apple devices to any other location.
  • With iTunes Match, the user will have to pay on a yearly basis to have the music available on iCloud.
  • Internet access is necessary to listen to music from iCloud unless it is downloaded to the system.

Softwares that Allow Transfer

Even though some may say that it is illegal to use such software to transfer music from iPod to computer, these are the only methods available to get this done. There are trustworthy software which can be used for varied platforms like Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.